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Questions & Answers

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  1. What is your name?
    1. Me, Nick Rayman
  2. What do you do, for a job or hobby?
    1. I work in IT, with Mobile device management, Football massive West Ham Fan and Music and I have my own radio show/podcast.
  3. What  have you started doing since lockdown that you didn't do before?
    1. Home Schooling
  4. What piece of advice can you give others in lockdown?
    1. Take time to chill out and have downtime
  5. Tell me about the song from when you were 18 years old.
    1. Sure Shot - Beastie Boys, this is really when I got into Hip Hop before that it was mostly Rock.
  6. Tell me about the song from when you were a child that you still listen to.
    1. Sharp Dressed Man - ZZ Top my dad would play ZZ Top on the car stereo all the time.
  7. Tell me about the act/artist you've discovered in the past 12 months.
    1. Final Form - Sampa The Great on NInja Tunes label. Saw her live in January at Brixton Academy and this to me is her stand out track.
  8. Tell me about a live track that stands out for you, may be from a gig you were at or a gig you wish you were at.
    1. Their Law (live) World's on Fire - The Prodigy, this was at Milton Keynes Bowl and was a fantastic line up Enter Shakari, Chase & Status, Pendulum and headlining The Prodigy.
  9. Out of the 10 tracks in your playlist, which 1 track do you really hope people listen too and why?
    1. I'm going to have 2
  10. Can you recommend a book that you love but you think others have not read.
    1. I don't really read anymore so I'm going to recommend a podcast, Distraction Pieces with Scroobius Pip.
  11. What are you looking forward to doing most when lockdown is over?
    1. Seeing Friends and Family.


  1. Sure Shot - Beastie Boys
  2. Sharp Dressed Man - ZZ Top
  3. Final Form - Sampa The Great
  4. Their Law (live) World's on Fire cd/dvd/blu-ray - The Prodigy
  5. Big Band Fam - Dutty Moonshine Big Band
  6. Kowalski - Primal Scream
  7. Midlife Crisis - Faith No More
  8. Doo Wop (That Thing) - Quantic & Anita Tijoux
  9. Cut Capers - That's It ft. Too Many T's
  10. The Way (Featurecast Remix) - Marky & XRS

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The Way (Featurecast Remix) - Marky & XRS is not on Spotify but can be found here on Soundcloud.