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Questions & Answers

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  1. What is your name?
    1. Luke Murphy
  2. What do you do, for a job or hobby?
    1. I'm originally from Australia, a designer at Memrise, passions music the big one in a band called Brutalligators, a beer and music podcast I used to run a vinyl start-up, basically anything to do with music.
  3. What have you started doing since lockdown that you didn't do before?
    1. Meditating.
  4. What piece of advice can you give others in lockdown?
    1. Chill and meditate, be kind to yourself.
  5. Tell me about the song from when you were 18 years old.
    1. Kiss me Deadly by Real Big Fish, a ska punk band from California, 18 was when I started going to gigs and my girlfriend took me to see them.
  6. Tell me about the song from when you were a child that you still listen to.
    1. Tha Crossroads by Bone Thugs n Harmony, they were introduced to me by my sister.
  7. Tell me about the act/artist you've discovered in the past 12 months.
    1. Death bed by Powfu feat. Beabadoobee, I discovered it on Tik Tok it just kept coming up so I had to find out who they were.
  8. Tell me about a live track that stands out for you, may be from a gig you were at or a gig you wish you were at.
    1. Photosynthesis live at Brixton Academy 2010 by Frank Turner, it was one of the first big gigs that I went to after moving here from Australia and it was Frank's first big headline show. Everyone in the audience knew all the words to all the songs especially this one.
  9. Out of the 10 tracks in your playlist, which 1 track do you really hope people listen too and why?
    1. The Opener by Camp Cope, this band for me really opened up my eyes to a lot of the bull shit that goes on in the music industry especially when it comes to inequality and sexism.
  10. Can you recommend a book that you love but you think others have not read.
    1. All Our Wrong Todays by by Elan Mastai
  11. What are you looking forward to doing most when lockdown is over?
    1. Going to the pub and giving all my friends inappropriately long cuddles.


  1. Kiss Me Deadly - Reel Big Fish
  2. Tha Crossroads - Bone Thugs n Harmony
  3. Death bed - Powfu feat. Beabadoobee
  4. Photosynthesis live at Brixton Academy 2010 - Frank Turner
  5. The Opener - Camp Cope
  6. DVP - Pup
  7. Rag n Bone Man feat Kate Tempest - Rain
  8. She Used to be Mine - Lucie Jones from Waitress the Musical (London)
  9. Headlights - Gaffa Tape Sandy
  10. Heavy Heart - Courtney Barnett

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Frank Turner live at Brixton 2010 is not on Spotify so I've added the version from the iTunes Festival 2010 at the Roundhouse Camden, London. The Opener by Camp Cope Live at Sydney Opera House is not available on Spotify so I've added the album version. The Lucie Jones version of She Used to be Mine is not on Spotify so I've added the Jessie Mueller version from Broadway. Heavy Heart by Courtney Barnett is not on Spotify so I've added the orginal by You Am I.